Bury The Living "All The News That's Fit To Scream"

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Includes inner sleeve and insert.

Tracking Listing:

A1 Skateboards And Kung Fu
A2 Your Brutality Has A Name
A3 Not For Sale
A4 Linger And Choke
A5 I Hope
A6 Of God And Country
A7 Burn The Haystack
A8 Another Generation Rages On
A9 Like Roaches
A10 Plummet
B1 What We've Sewn/ Branded
B2 Befriend To Behead
B3 Stricken
B4 Raise My Fist
B5 Best Intentions
B6 The Sting Of His Whip
B7 Outsourcing Torture
B8 Mr Bush
B9 For Your Suffering
B10 Consider Me Your Enemy