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Desmond Dekker "Rude Boy Ska"

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"Rude Boy Ska" is a compilation album by Jamaican singer Desmond Dekker, released in 2002. It showcases his influential ska music from the 1960s, a genre characterized by its upbeat tempo, syncopated rhythms, and lively horn sections. Dekker's infectious energy and charismatic vocal delivery shine through the album's tracks, which capture the essence of ska with catchy melodies and socially conscious lyrics. The compilation includes beloved classics like "007 (Shanty Town)," "Israelites," and "Rude Boy Train," exemplifying Dekker's talent as a songwriter and his significant role in popularizing ska.


  1. 007 (Shanty Town)
  2. Rudy Got Soul
  3. It Mek
  4. Honour Your Mother and Father
  5. Shing a Ling
  6. Mother Long Tongue
  7. Rude Boy Train
  8. Israelites
  9. Intensified '68 (Music Like Dirt)
  10. A It Mek
  11. You Can Get It If You Really Want
  12. Unity
  13. Hippopotamus
  14. Problems
  15. Fu Man Chu
  16. It Pays
  17. Wise Man
  18. Perseverance
  19. Too Much Too Soon
  20. Live and Learn