Ghoul “Noxious Concoctions”

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"After seven long years we have crawled up from the catacombs to assault your ears, nose, and throat with an EP so foul, so provocative, so damned groundbreaking that the music world may never recover," said Ghoul's vocalist and guitarist Digestor. "Notify your next of kin, make out your will, make whatever arrangements you need to, because Noxious Concoctions WILL kill you. Buyer beware."

He continued: "'Noxious Concoctions.' 'Noxious Concoctions.' 'Noxious Concoctions.' Go ahead and try to say it five times fast. You can't. No one can," "And yet it's destined to be named in every 'Best Of' list from now until the end of time itself, which by my watch is a scant few months away. It's called irony. Look it up. Back on topic: your world is coming to an end in blood and flame. And while we didn't start the fire, we will point and laugh as it burns. Also, I lied. Cremator started the fire."

Noxious Concoctions features four new Ghoul songs alongside a cover of Funerot's "1-900-DTH-LINE". The EP was recorded by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio and Sharkbite Studios, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, and includes gang vocals by The Moron Cavern Shakled Choir and "swamp hag" vocals by Laurie Sue Shanaman. - Metal Injection