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Good Riddance “A Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion”

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Released in 1996, this album was a breakthrough for the Santa Cruz-based punk rock band. With its fast-paced rhythms, intense guitar riffs, and socially conscious lyrics, "A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Rebellion" became an instant classic and a defining album of the 1990s punk rock scene.

The vinyl record features 16 tracks, including iconic songs like "Weight of the World," "United Cigar," and "Mother Superior." The album cover art depicts a chaotic cityscape with a rebellious figure standing in front of it, perfectly capturing the band's anti-establishment message.

This record is not only a testament to Good Riddance's musical prowess but also a reflection of the band's political activism and commitment to social justice. With its powerful lyrics and driving energy, "A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Rebellion" continues to inspire listeners to fight for what they believe in.

Whether you're a die-hard punk rock fan or someone looking to explore the genre, this vinyl record is a must-have addition to your music collection. So turn up the volume, let the needle drop, and experience the raw energy and passion of Good Riddance's "A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Rebellion" in all its analog glory.