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Good Riddance “My Republic”

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Throughout the last decade Good Riddance have established themselves as an elemental part of the international punk/hardcore landscape. The release of "My Republic," their seventh full length on FAT, proves that their stronghold at the forefront of the genre is well deserved. The fourteen tracks on "My Republic" find Good Riddance further developing their signature blend of punk and hardcore, while giving a nod to their influences from the early 80s So-Cal scene.

Track Listing:

1. Out Of Mind
2. Texas
3. Shame
4. Tell Me Why
5. Torches and Tragedies
6. Darkest Days
7. Up To You
8. Regret
9. Boise
10. Rise and Fall
11. Broken
12. Save the Children
13. This Beast Is Dangerous
14. Uniform