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Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures"

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"Unknown Pleasures" is the debut studio album by English post-punk band Joy Division, released in 1979. This influential album showcases the band's distinctive sound, characterized by Ian Curtis' haunting vocals, Bernard Sumner's atmospheric guitar work, Peter Hook's melodic basslines, and Stephen Morris' precise drumming. "Unknown Pleasures" is a brooding and introspective collection of songs that delves into themes of alienation, despair, and existential angst. The album's dark and atmospheric soundscapes, combined with Curtis' emotionally charged lyrics, create a haunting and captivating listening experience. "Unknown Pleasures" remains a seminal album that continues to inspire and resonate with audiences to this day.


  1. Disorder
  2. Day of the Lords
  3. Candidate
  4. Insight
  5. New Dawn Fades
  6. She's Lost Control
  7. Shadowplay
  8. Wilderness
  9. Interzone
  10. I Remember Nothing