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Misfits "Earth A.D."

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"Earth A.D." is the second studio album by the American horror punk band Misfits, released in 1983. This album marked a significant shift towards a more aggressive and hardcore sound compared to their earlier releases. "Earth A.D." is characterized by its blistering guitar riffs, breakneck drumming, and Glenn Danzig's powerful and menacing vocals. The album's dark and macabre lyrics, influenced by horror movies and punk aesthetics, create a haunting and intense atmosphere. Tracks like "Earth A.D.," "Death Comes Ripping," and "Green Hell" showcase the Misfits' ability to deliver fast, furious, and memorable punk anthems. "Earth A.D." is a seminal record in the punk genre, cementing the Misfits' status as one of the most influential bands in punk rock history.


  1. Earth A.D.
  2. Queen Wasp
  3. Devilock
  4. Death Comes Ripping
  5. Green Hell
  6. Wolfs Blood
  7. Demonomania
  8. Bloodfeast
  9. Hellhound
  10. Die, Die My Darling