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Physique "Again" LP

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The long-awaited return of contemporary D-beat champions Physique with "Again" - their first release since 2019. Physique offers 15 tracks of steamrolling, Discharge-fueled, crasher crust, seamlessly overlapping the time-honored and ever-present D-beat themes of war and government oppression with their own take on the brutalizing and soul-crushing realities of everyday modern life. But D-beat is protest music at heart, and the desperation on "Again" is complimented by a surging pulse of relentless energy that reminds us that as brutal as life may be, we can't resist the fury of noisy protest that brings us back - again - to scream and shout the "never agains" of our predecessors and ourselves alike.

Track Listing:

1. Again
2. Modern Life's Battlefield
3. Yet Ahead
4. Alternate Future
5. Indecision
6. Prosper
7. Yesterday's Anguish, Tomorrow's Despair
8. Stifle
9. Unreal Cruelty
10. Wheel Of Fascism
11. Moreover
12. What's To Come?
13. Rhythm Of Brutality
14. Hell Is Real
15. Again (Reprise)