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Poison Idea “Kings of Punk”

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Among the impressive discography by Portland, OR, hardcore-punk forerunners Poison Idea, their 1986 debut full-length, "Kings Of Punk," is considered one of the most important entries. Out of print since TKO's ephemera-packed "Portland Edition" version from the summer of 2022, "Kings Of Punk" now returns as the third installment in TKO's Poison Idea Remasters series. This new edition finds all 11 tracks shined up while still retaining the feral bite of the original, proving almost forty years since its release, "Kings Of Punk" will forever be evidence enough for Poison Idea to claim their self-appointed throne.

Track Listing:

1. Lifestyles
2. Short Fuse
3. God Not God
4. Ugly American
5. Subtract
6. Cop An Attitude
7. Death Wish Kids
8. Made To Be Broken
9. Tormented Imp
10. One By One
11. Out Of The Picture