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Ramones "Rocket to Russia (Remastered)"

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"Rocket to Russia" is the third studio album by the legendary American punk rock band Ramones, released in 1977. This iconic album solidified the Ramones' status as pioneers of the punk rock movement. "Rocket to Russia" is a high-energy and fast-paced record that captures the band's raw and stripped-down sound. With catchy hooks, powerful guitar riffs, and infectious melodies, the Ramones deliver an electrifying musical experience. The album features classic tracks like "Rockaway Beach," "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker," and "Teenage Lobotomy," which have become punk anthems. "Rocket to Russia" encapsulates the Ramones' signature blend of rebellious attitude, humorous lyrics, and relentless punk spirit.


  1. Cretin Hop
  2. Rockaway Beach
  3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  4. Locket Love
  5. I Don't Care
  6. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
  7. We're a Happy Family
  8. Teenage Lobotomy
  9. Do You Wanna Dance?
  10. I Wanna Be Well
  11. I Can't Give You Anything
  12. Ramona
  13. Surfin' Bird
  14. Why Is It Always This Way?