Rancid “…And Out Come The Wolves”

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Released in 1995, this album marked a significant moment in Rancid's career and the punk rock movement as a whole. It features a fusion of punk, ska, and reggae influences, with catchy hooks and powerful lyrics that capture the band's signature sound and style.

The vinyl record comes in a classic black design, with the album title and band name printed in bold letters. It contains a total of 19 tracks, including fan favorites such as "Ruby Soho," "Time Bomb," and "Journey to the End of the East Bay."

This record is not only a testament to Rancid's musical talent but also a reflection of the band's political and social consciousness. With its powerful lyrics that speak to the struggles of working-class Americans and its unapologetic anti-authority stance, "And Out Come the Wolves" remains a relevant and inspiring album today.

Whether you're a longtime Rancid fan or someone new to punk rock, this vinyl record is a must-have addition to your music collection. So turn up the volume, let the needle drop, and experience the energy and passion of Rancid's "And Out Come the Wolves" in all its analog glory.

Track Listing:

1. Maxwell Murder
2. The 11th Hour
3. Roots Radicals
4. Time Bomb
5. Olympia WA.
6. Lock, Step & Gone
7. Junkie Man
8. Listed M.I.A.
9. Ruby Soho
10. Daly City Train
11. Journey To The End Of The East Bay
12. She's Automatic
13. Old Friend
14. Disorder And Disarray
15. The Wars End
16. You Don't Care Nothin'
17. As Wicked
18. Avenues & Alleyways
19. The Way I Feel