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Regional Justice Center "Crime And Punishment

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Since their inception in 2016, Regional Justice Center has quickly proven themselves to be one of modern hardcore's most viscerally compelling bands. Led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ian Shelton, the band takes a uniquely nuanced approach to making music that thrives on extremes, and have become just as known for their vicious riffs as Shelton's unflinching lyrics, which explore wide-reaching societal ills from a deeply human level. Now, on Regional Justice Center's sophomore full-length, "Crime And Punishment," Shelton has combined a lifetime's worth of reflection with the band's always crushing musicality to create a definitive work as uncompromising as it is vital.

Track Listing:

1. Taught To Steal
2. Dust Off
3. Absence
4. Inhuman Joy
5. Sickness On Display
6. Conquest
7. Concrete
8. Solvent
9. Violent Crime
10. ...And Punishment