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Sonny Angel Chinoiserie Blind Box Series

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To commemorate the release of "Enjoy The Moment", the "Chinoiserie Series", which was sold exclusively in China in 2020, is now available in limited quantities!
Traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese paper cutting and dyeing are combined with Sonny Angel to create a gorgeous and unique design.

While retaining the retro feel peculiar to China, he wears unique costumes for each motif. It goes very well with Chinese-style accessories ♪

The Line Up:

Porcelain Monkey
The motif is the famous Chinese “dyed porcelain”.
The delicate color expresses the transparency of dyed porcelain.
It is very cute to hold the beautiful dyed porcelain firmly♪

Kite Cockerel
With the motif of “kites”, which is one of the traditional Chinese crafts,
the gorgeous colors make the whole atmosphere more lively.
The design of the cloak expresses the image of a kite flying up.

Tiger-like Cap
He wears a traditional children’s hat with a tiger design.
The appearance of wearing old-fashioned cheongsam is also very lovely.

Peking Opera Peacock
His make-up is based on the image of China’s most influential theatrical “Jingju”.
The design of the cloud shoulder expresses the elegant image unique to Jingju.

Chinese Panda
The charm point of the panda, which is a representative animal in China, is its heart-shaped nose!
Tea pot that he has expresses the traditional Chinese tea culture. Wearing the traditional Chinese ” GUA PI MAO “, it’s very cute!

Paper Cutting Rabbit
It is designed with the motif of “paper cutting”, which is a traditional Chinese folk art.
The popular rabbit is wearing a traditional red paper-cut outfit! Red is a symbol of happiness, so good luck may come when he is by your side♪

Lantern Dragon※Secret

Lantern Robby Angel※Secret

Available as a single blind box.