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Sonny Angel Halloween 2021 Blind Box Series

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A disguised angel has come to Halloween!

Have a pop and fun Halloween party with Sonny Angel ♪

The popular series "Halloween Series", the first in three years since 2018, has a new design!
Sonny Angel, dressed up in Halloween costumes such as witches and pumpkins, will come to your house to receive sweets!?

In addition to the popular pumpkins and ghosts in the "Halloween Series" so far, there are a total of 6 types including a black cat with cute round eyes + a secret lineup. Decorate your room with Sonny Angel in a Halloween costume to transform it into a fun Halloween space♪

The Lineup:

1. Witch - A witch with a big hat. In her hand she holds a pumpkin candy pot.

2. Pumpkin - A pumpkin with a colorful lollipop. I am wearing plump and spread pumpkin pants.

3. Ghost - A ghost with a dot-patterned candy. The point is the expression with a gentle smile.

4. Owl - Orange Halloween color owl. The cape is designed in the shape of a feather.

5. Bat - A cute bat with a big nose. The cape is inspired by bat wings.

6. Cat - A cat with candy designed with a star. It has a long tail on its butt.

Available as a single blind box.