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Sonny Angel HIPPERS Looking Back Blind Box Series

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Introducing the newest HIPPERS collection to commemorate Sonny Angel's 20th anniversary. Gaze at Sonny Angel's adorable face and charming backside at the same time with the HIPPERS Looking Back Series!

The HIPPERS Looking Back series is a decorative figure that can attach to things around you with a reusable adhesive, allowing him to turn around and watch over you while you work or study. When your eyes meet Sonny Angel, your heart will be healed!

For the first time in Sonny Angel's history, Hamster has been added to the lineup! Find him alongside fan-favorite animals like the brightly-colored Rabbit, Elephant, Koala, Sloth, and Duck. The vibrant palette of this series makes Sonny Angel's 20th anniversary a bright and festive celebration.

12 kinds + chance of secret! 

Available as a single blind box.