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Sonny Angel Home Sweet Home Blind Box Series *Limit 3 per customer*

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* Limit 3 per customer *

Sonny Angel wants to spend some fun time at home with you! This series is a perfect way to celebrate your hobbies, and Sonny Angel is the perfect companion. The Home Sweet Home collection beautifully captures the relaxing moments of Sonny Angel indulging in bath time, baking, gardening, reading, and other self-care activities!

Even on busy days, take a relaxing moment with Sonny Angel to bring light and happiness to each day. The Home Sweet Home Series celebrates the peacefulness of being at home with the perfect as a décor piece in your own home.

6 kinds + Secret + Robby Angel!

The Line Up:
Bubble Bath
Sonny Angel is covered in bubbles for a relaxing bath time. Robby Angel is hiding in the soap!

Sleepy Time
Sonny Angel rests in his bedroom taking a nice nap with Robby Angel.

Cozy Reading
Sonny Angel reads in his study. Robby Angel also wants to read books and is hiding in the pages!

Getting Ready
Sonny Angel gets ready for the day. Of course, Robby Angel is with him on his outing.

Sonny Angel peeks out from a flowerpot in the garden with a cactus shaped like Robby Angel.

Baking Treats
Sonny Angel enjoys baking in the kitchen where he has made a yummy Robby Angel bread.

Movie Night Sonny Angel
Sonny Angel enjoys a movie in his living room. Of course, popcorn is a must.

Movie Night Robby Angel
Robby Angel sits at the projector and enjoys a movie with Sonny Angel.

Available as a single blind box.