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Stiv Bators “L.A. Confidential” LP

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"Stiv Bators was more a musical chameleon than perhaps people realize. He’s best known for his late ’70s work with the punk guttersnipe legends the Dead Boys, and some folks recall his more polished work through the Lords of the New Church, but he also experimented with pop-punk (with the Wanderers), and with the guidance of Bomp records founder Greg Shaw, he was also an unabashed purveyor of power pop. Despite the punk appearance, a reputation for pranksterism, and the wide range of genres he explored, Bators — who died in 1990 from injuries sustained in a car accident — was no musical dilettante; he was genuine in every incarnation. One might be surprised to learn that the man who wrote “I Need Lunch” was also a pure power popper, but as the tracks on the Bators Bomp collection L.A. Confidential prove, Bators was exactly that." -Stephen Haag


A1 It's Cold Outside
A2 Not That Way Anymore
A3 The Last Year
A4 Circumstantial Evidence
A5 I'll Be Alright
A6 L.A. L.A.
B1 Have Love Will Travel
B2 Crack Boom Bam!
B3 Misery Loves Company
B4 Story In Your Eyes
B5 Morrison Rant (Live At The Ritz)