Wildhoney "Sleep Through It"

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Wildhoney got together in 2011 and proceeded to release a couple 7-inch records, using a lo-fi combination of Garage Band and other assorted Apple devices. They never recorded any proper demos, but, through word of mouth, their EPs reached punk label Deranged and Forward!, who signed Wildhoney for a full-length release. You won't hear any punk influences, though: Wildhoney's music is swirling saccharine guitars with vocalist Lauren Shusterich's high-pitched warbles complementing the reverb. Listening to the group's ambiguous guitars immediately draws to mind beloved experimental bands of the 90s like My Bloody Valentine, but Wildhoney's deliberate pop sensibilities are there too, shining through in sparkling melodies amid layers of harmonies, vaguely recalling Kinski or Stereolab. This is band that doesn't like limitations.

Fall In 2:21
Molly 3:10
Owe You Nothing 3:15
Sleep Through It 2:32
Seventeen 4:24
Maybe You're Crazy 3:20
Tea Leaves 4:03
FSA 1 2:37
Super Stupid 3:34
Boys From Out Of Town 3:00

For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack. This is the infamous LP that was accidentally pressed on some copies of Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die"