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Aesop Rock "Integrated Tech Solutions"

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On "Integrated Tech Solutions" - a concept album about an organization offering "lifestyle- and industry-specific applications designed to curate a desired multi-experience" - Aesop Rock wields insidious corporate-speak as a tool to pry the parasitic business culture away from the parts of life that truly matter, while picking apart the charlatan language.

Largely self-produced, "Integrated Tech Solutions" catches Aesop Rock at his leanest and most innovative, leveraging "Solutionism"'s careening bounce against the wistful "By the River" or the slow creep of "Salt and Pepper Squid". The effect is a record that sounds itself like an organism growing, mutating, hurtling toward profitability - and then destruction. As fans have come to expect though, Aesop is cuttingly funny and slyly profound at once.