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Alexisonfire "Old Crows / Young Cardinals"

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"Old Crows/Young Cardinals" is the fourth studio album by the Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, released in 2009. The album showcases the band's raw intensity and captivating blend of aggressive guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and passionate vocals. "Old Crows/Young Cardinals" delves into themes of personal struggles, social commentary, and the complexities of human emotions. With tracks like "Young Cardinals," "No Rest," and "The Northern," the album offers a dynamic and immersive sonic experience. Alexisonfire's signature blend of hardcore punk and melodic elements shines through, creating a powerful and emotionally charged album that resonates with listeners.


  1. Old Crows
  2. Young Cardinals
  3. Sons of Privilege
  4. Born and Raised
  5. No Rest
  6. The Northern
  7. Midnight Regulations
  8. Emerald Street
  9. Heading for the Sun
  10. Accept Crime
  11. Burial
  12. Two Sisters
  13. Wayfarer Youth