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Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill"

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"Licensed to Ill" is the debut studio album by the American hip hop group Beastie Boys, released in 1986. This album revolutionized the hip hop genre, blending rap with rock elements and irreverent humor. "Licensed to Ill" became one of the first rap albums to achieve mainstream success and helped establish the Beastie Boys as icons in the music industry. With its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and witty lyrics, tracks like "Fight for Your Right," "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," and "Brass Monkey" became anthems that transcended genres. The album's rebellious and energetic spirit, combined with its fusion of rap and rock, resonated with audiences and solidified the Beastie Boys' place in music history.


  1. Rhymin & Stealin
  2. The New Style
  3. She's Crafty
  4. Posse in Effect
  5. Slow Ride
  6. Girls
  7. Fight for Your Right
  8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  9. Paul Revere
  10. Hold It Now, Hit It
  11. Brass Monkey
  12. Slow and Low
  13. Time to Get Ill