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Electric Wizard "Time to Die"

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"Time to Die" is the eighth studio album by the English doom metal band Electric Wizard. Released in 2014, it showcases the band's signature heavy, distorted sound and dark lyrical themes. The album features a combination of slow, sludgy riffs and haunting atmospheres, creating a sense of impending doom throughout its duration.

"Time to Die" explores themes of death, occultism, and a bleak view of humanity's future. It delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche, painting a grim picture of a decaying world. The album's production emphasizes the band's heavy sound, with thick layers of fuzz and feedback, while the vocals, delivered in a haunting, distorted manner, add an extra layer of darkness to the music.


  1. Incense for the Damned
  2. Time to Die
  3. I Am Nothing
  4. Destroy Those Who Love God
  5. Funeral of Your Mind
  6. We Love the Dead
  7. Sadiowitch
  8. Lucifer's Slaves
  9. Saturn Dethroned