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Knocked Loose "A Different Shade of Blue"

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"A Different Shade of Blue" is the second studio album by American hardcore punk band Knocked Loose, released in 2019. The album serves as a raw and unrelenting showcase of the band's intense and chaotic sound. With relentless aggression, heavy breakdowns, and furious vocals, Knocked Loose pushes the boundaries of hardcore punk, delivering a visceral and cathartic experience. "A Different Shade of Blue" dives into themes of personal struggle, existential turmoil, and societal unrest, all conveyed through emotionally charged lyrics and bone-crushing instrumentation. It solidifies Knocked Loose's reputation as one of the most powerful and influential forces in contemporary hardcore punk.


  1. Belleville
  2. Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
  3. A Serpent's Touch
  4. By the Grave
  5. In the Walls
  6. Guided by the Moon
  7. Mistakes Like Fractures
  8. Forget Your Name
  9. Road 23
  10. ...And Still I Wander South
  11. Denied by Fate
  12. Misguided Son