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Misfits "Static Age"

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"Static Age" is the debut studio album by the American horror punk band Misfits, recorded in 1978 but not officially released until 1996. This album serves as a snapshot of the Misfits' early sound and captures their raw, energetic, and menacing punk rock essence. "Static Age" features a blend of aggressive guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and Glenn Danzig's distinct vocals, creating an intense and captivating listening experience. The album's lyrics delve into themes of horror, sci-fi, and social alienation, reflecting the band's macabre aesthetic. Tracks like "Hybrid Moments," "We Are 138," and "Last Caress" showcase the Misfits' ability to craft memorable and anthemic punk songs. "Static Age" remains a seminal record in punk rock history, showcasing the band's unique blend of horror imagery, punk attitude, and infectious songwriting.


  1. Static Age
  2. TV Casualty
  3. Some Kinda Hate
  4. Last Caress
  5. Return of the Fly
  6. Hybrid Moments
  7. We Are 138
  8. Teenagers from Mars
  9. Come Back
  10. Angelfuck
  11. Hollywood Babylon
  12. Attitude
  13. Bullet
  14. Theme for a Jackal
  15. She