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Rage Against the Machine "Evil Empire"

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"Evil Empire," the second studio album by Rage Against the Machine, released in 1996, is a powerful and incendiary musical statement that showcases the band's unyielding commitment to social and political activism. The album delivers a potent blend of heavy riffs, relentless rhythms, and Zack de la Rocha's fierce and confrontational lyrics. With tracks like "Bulls on Parade," "People of the Sun," and "Down Rodeo," "Evil Empire" tackles issues such as government oppression, corporate greed, and social inequality. It embodies the band's signature sound and serves as a call to action, urging listeners to challenge authority and fight for justice.


  1. People of the Sun
  2. Bulls on Parade
  3. Vietnow
  4. Revolver
  5. Snakecharmer
  6. Tire Me
  7. Down Rodeo
  8. Without a Face
  9. Wind Below
  10. Roll Right
  11. Year of tha Boomerang