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Sonny Angel "Enjoy The Moment" Blind Box Series

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This series expresses Sonny Angel having fun at home. Writing in his diary, listening to music, brewing a cup of coffee, arranging flowers, meditating. Sonny Angel’s calm and happy appearance will bring healing to your heart. Are you tired or stressed out? Refresh yourself and find comfort in your daily routine like Sonny Angel does!

The Line Up:

1. Enjoy Music - Sonny Angel closes his eyes and listens to Robby Angel’s recordings to calm his mind. Let the music melt away your daily worries.

2. Diary Time - Write your daily activities and feelings in your diary. We are all curious to see what Robbie Angel will write in his diary.

3. Close to Nature - Beautiful flowers soothe the soul. Join Sonny Angel as he prunes flowering trees and decorate your room to add color and bring nature into your life.

4. Relaxing Moment - Take a break from all that is hectic in your life. Enjoy the aroma of coffee and marvel at Robby Angel’s latte art while sipping your favorite beverage with Sonny Angel.

5. Capture Warmth - Capture images of beautiful scenery or of friends and family. The photos you take will allow you to revisit your precious memories over and over.

6. Spiritual Growth - Feeling tired or worn out? Try yoga or meditation to restore balance to your mind and body. Meditation improves concentration and refreshes the brain.

7. Friendship Work With Robby Angel ※Secret - Sonny Angel crafts an embroidered gift for Robby Angel. Creating and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment help to release your stress.

8. Friendship Work With Sonny Angel ※Secret - Robby Angel assists Sonny Angel in his crafting. Double your fun and enjoyment when you do a creative project with someone else.

Available as a single blind box. 6 kinds + 2 secrets. There may also be random accessory charms as extras.