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Thrice "The Illusion of Safety"

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This was the second full-length from this Orange County, CA, band that plays a hybrid of melodic hardcore, power pop, emocore, metal, etc. Heavy, aggressive, melodic, and catchy.  This 20th anniversary edition features the bonus track "That Hideous Strength." 

Track Listing:

1. Kill Me Quickly
2. A Subtle Dagger
3. See You In The Shallows
4. Betrayal Is A Symptom
5. Deadbolt
6. In Years To Come
7. The Red Death
8. A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds
9. Where Idols Once Stood
10. Trust
11. To Awake And Avenge The Dead
12. So Strange I Remember You
13. The Beltsville Crucible
14. That Hideous Strength (bonus track)